Falkun Films offers a variety of services together with its third party network of industry professionals in Malta and internationally.

Production Services

Falkun Films understands the needs and requirements of film-makers. With this in mind Falkun Films offers complete production services to foreign production companies which choose the little lovely rock of Malta to shoot in. From your very first location scout, right through to the wrapping up of the production, Falkun will carry you under its wings and fly together with you through every step of the process.


Scheduling and Budgeting

Falkun Films offers the services of scheduling and budgeting feature film projects. Are you a producer? Do you have a film project in development? Do you need a good idea of what it will entail to bring that script to life? With a schedule and budget in hand you’ll have a better idea of the challenges that lie ahead and of what you’ll need to tell the film financiers.


Film production

Falkun Films is a production company which produces audiovisual projects ranging from shorts, industry films, music videos, commercials and documentaries. It is working together with its international network to be part of  international co-productions for feature films to bring exciting and touching stories to the screen.


Professional development

Falkun Films believes in continuous learning and in skills development for the film industry. Pierre Ellul is Malta national co-ordinator for the European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs (EAVE) professional development programme. EAVE is one of the longest standing MEDIA funded training programmes which has contributed to brining to life the best of European film.